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Please show respect and not put others and staff at risk by entering our stores during this time if you have recently travelled. We are happy to deliver groceries or provide grocery pick up if that’s applicable to you (if you aren’t in self isolation due to international travel but wish to stay safely isolated). Please keep checking our FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/prairierootscoop/) as well as our website (https://www.prairierootscoop.ca) and our for more ways we are choosing to keep customers safe at this time.



Member/Customer Notice

To all Co-op members and customers, thank you for your continued support. All Co-op locations across Western Canada will remain open with no intention of closing. We want all of our shoppers to stay safe — we're here to help.



Update on COVID-19

March 12, 2020 – Source, https://www.food.crs/

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a global challenge that’s having a real impact on all the Western Canadian communities Co-op serves. And it’s having an impact on you.

Your local co-op is taking steps across all stores and businesses to help our communities stay safe and healthy. We’re saddened by the news of all those who have been affected and we want to be diligent about doing our part to prevent more impacts.

Co-op stores are cleaned and sanitized daily as part of normal business, but all stores are increasing the frequency of cleaning. They’re also ensuring that available preventative resources are made available to both customers and employees.

Your local co-op is also working with employees to ensure that they have current information on prevention so they can stay healthy or stay home if they are feeling ill. These practices are informed by Health Canada and the World Health Organization. We’re also encouraging all Co-op customers and members to keep informed on prevention by visiting Health Canada, WHO and other helpful resources.

Given the guidance we’ve received from these agencies, as well as our own preparedness efforts, we believe that we’re taking the right steps to ensure that your local co-op stores are safe. We’ll also make sure that our prices on all essential items remain stable throughout this challenging time.

Thank you for being a loyal Co-op customer and member. We’ll continue to update you on our efforts to help your local co-ops and communities stay safe and healthy.



Beginning Monday, April 6th 2020






Prairie Roots Co-op Organizational Chart

I would like to report some of the organizational changes. The General Manager is based at head office in Marquette. Administration is done in both the head office in Marquette and the Elm Creek branch, all of our fine admin staff will be more than happy to help with any of our members inquires. We will continue to look for efficiencies in both locations.

The Petroleum division has been renamed Energy Division managed by Trevor King and the entire department is run from the head office in Marquette. Keep in mind you can place fuel orders in all location just as before. Our 5 fuel trucks will be positioned logistically in either Elm Creek or Marquette to get max efficiency and service for our members.

The Agro division managed by Pat Chanel is excited to now offer products in all 3 locations. Julia Strecker is our brand new sales agronomist in Marquette and she is looking forward to working with all of our growers. Curtis Tielmann is our sales agronomist working out of the Starbuck branch and will be helping growers in both Starbuck and now Elm Creek. He has been with us over four years and brings years of expertise. Helena Borst is working out of our Elm Creek branch and I encourage our Elm Creek growers to work with Helena as we start to build an Ag business in the Elm creek area to benefit all of the customers of our new Co-operative. Helena will be able to offer a competitive full product line of Ag products to the Elm Creek grower’s canola, forage, soybean, corn, fertilizer, chemical, fungicides, and insecticides. Bob Thiessen has been with us for over 40 years and he will be supporting all locations in Ag Equipment Sales i.e. Bins, augers, aeration act.

Dave Henderson has taken on the position of B2C division manager, Dave will be overseeing all 3 of the general store (hardware, grocery, lumber, act.) locations and I look forward to him bringing over 30 years of experience to all of our locations. Dana, Karleigh, and Yvonne will supervise the individual locations with Carolyn supervising the hardware in Elm Creek.

Calvin Janke, General Manager.

AGM Cancelled

Unfortunately, the Annual General Meeting on Elm Creek has been cancelled this year. All pertinent information will be provided to members via our upcoming Newsletter. Please contact Dave Henderson with any questions and concerns by phone or email (to comply with social distancing protocol)
Phone 204 436 2493  Email d.henderson@prairierootscoop.ca



Social Distancing

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times. Please remember these guidelines for keeping all of us healthy. *Also, try to shop as little as possible. Buy what you need for a week at a time.







Prairie Roots Co-op

Head Office:

Prairie Roots at Marquette

Box 211

Marquette, MB  R0H 0V0

Phone: (204) 375-6570 Fax: (204) 375-6505 


Prairie Roots at Elm Creek

Box 130

Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0

Phone: (204) 436-2493

Fax: (204) 436-2391


Prairie Roots at Starbuck

Box 98

Starbuck, MB  R0G 2P0

Phone: (204) 735-2382

Fax: (204) 735-2512