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Our Energy Division Manager , Trevor King, plans to spend two or three Wednesday’s each month at our Elm Creek location, at the Agro Center Office - located across the street from the Elm Creek main store.



Energy Division Manager - Trevor King

I live on a third generation family farm, 3 miles west of Warren, with my wife Kim and our four sons - Colton, Trey, Karson and Rhet. My hobbies include watching my 4 boys play hockey, hunting, boating and spending time with my family at our cottage on Netley Creek.

Even though I am not involved with as much farming activities of my own anymore, my roots run deep within the farming community as well as in the Cooperative movement, with a family history of loyal membership and leadership in our local Cooperatives.

When I was 16 and 17 years old I attended the Co-op youth leadership seminars at Camp Wannacomeback in Clear lake, with my first year being sponsored by Marquette Coop and second year by South Interlake Credit Union. Both Co-operatives were formed in this local area.

I began my career with Marquette Coop in the spring of 2011 as a part time fuel truck driver and was hired 2 weeks later as a full time driver. In late 2012 I found myself being trained as Petroleum Manager, and in 2018 and 2019 Marquette Co-op's Board and Management sent me to FCL in Saskatoon for a 4-week group training in Retail Management.

When the amalgamation with Elm Creek Co-op came to fruition, I moved into the position of Energy Division Manager for Prairie Roots Consumers Co-operative.

I have been involved in seeing the Petroleum Division grow from 2 Tandem axle fuel trucks to 5 tandem axle trucks with 2 triple axle Pup trailers in our fleet. I have watched Our fuel volume grow from 9 million litres, and it is expected to meet, or surpass, 24 million litres in 2020. Our bulk oil sales and Energy Equipment continue to climb annually.

I am supported by a great Fuel Team of drivers who do what they need to do to serve our membership. Thanks to Neal Smith, Blaine Becker, Perry Hildebrandt, and Blair Myskiw for their outstanding customer service that has taken us through our busiest seasons and our most challenging year ever.

I am proud to be part of the growth that each of these 2 Co-operatives has achieved, and sustained, and am excited for the future growth opportunities for all departments. It has been a pleasure to work with such a great team.

Our Fuel Team and I look forward to serving our communities with all of your Energy, Lubricant, Storage and Equipment Handling needs.

Contact Information:

Phone: Office - 204-375-6570; Cell – 204-451-1012

Email:  t.king@prairierootscoop.ca

In Person: My office in Marquette. Call to schedule a meeting at your Farm



The Energy Team


Driver Salesman - Neal Smith

In March 2021 I will celebrate my 15th year with the Co-op. I have lived in the area my entire life and enjoy working in the community I call home. In the past 15 years I have been witness to a lot of growth and changes - from 2 trucks, to 3 and now 5 with the amalgamation with Elm Creek. Currently, 2 trucks are set up to pull a pup out soon there will be a 3rd pup. Another notable change was changing from a top loading bulk plant to a computerized bottom loading system, with the relocation of the bulk plant to the newer corporate plant in Warren.


Driver Salesman - Blaine Becker

I moved to Manitoba in 2005 and have lived in the Woodlands area since 2008, with my wife and daughter.

I enjoy playing slow pitch and fishing during the summer months. During the winter it’s curling and ice fishing. I have been driving for 20 years and started with Marquette co-op 8 years ago after 12 years driving for Gardewine.



Driver Salesman - Perry Hildebrandt

Perry Hildebrandt has been employed with Prairie Roots Coop now since 2015 as a part time driver . He started as a driver 3 days a week and puts in extra days and time in our busy seasons to relieve other drivers and help stay caught up.

Perry is also a long-time member of our Cooperative and our community with great knowledge and history of our trading area and beyond.


Driver Salesman - Blair Myskiwhttps://www.prairierootscoop.ca/images/Blair.JPG

We are very Proud and pleased to have Blair Myskiw join our driver staff to help serve our members in Marquette , Elm Creek and Starbuck.

Blair is a long time resident of our community whose family membership history in our Co-operative has been around for generations.

Blair brings with him many years of professional driving experience, both urban and rural, that will fit in very well with our Fuel delivery Team. Please welcome Blair to our association.


Energy Updates

Elm Creek - Introducing the Energy Team

Allow us to introduce our Energy Division team, as well as options for ordering bulk delivery in the Elm Creek area. Check out the flyer......






Box 211, Marquette, MB  R0H 0V0

Phone: (204) 375-6570 Fax: (204) 375-6505 

Regular Gas, Dyed Gas. Clear Diesel, Dyed Diesel.

Marquette Store


Elm Creek:

Box 130, Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0

Phone: (204) 436-2493 Fax: (204) 436-2391

Regular Gas, Premium Gas, Dyed Gas, Clear & Dyed Diesel, Propane Tank Fill.

Elm Creek Store



Box 98, Starbuck, MB  R0G 2P0

Phone: 204) 735-2382  Fax: (204) 735-2512

Regular Gas; Clear and Dyed Diesel

Starbuck Store



Products and Services


Bulk Fuel Delivery

  • including early spring and early fall delivery programs.

  • Premium Gasoline and Diesel.



CardLock and Fll Service Locations

  • Marquette: Regular Gas, Dyed Gas, Clear Diesel, Dyed Diesel.

  • Elm Creek: Regular Gas, Premium Gas, Dyed Gas, Clear & Dyed Diesel.

  • Starbuck: Regular Gas, Clear Diesel, Dyed Diesel



  • Bulk Oil Delivery

  • Oil and Lubricants and Def Fluid

  • Oil and Fuel Storage and Handling Solutions

    • Tank Buy Programs

    • Tank Monitoring




Oil and Fuel Storage and Handling Solutions:

  • Tank Buy Programs

  • Tank Monitoring


Other Products/Services

  • Bulk Propane

  • Tank Fill  - Elm Creek location

  • Tank Exchange - Marquette and Starbuck