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Pictures With Santa - December 17th

Just canít say enough good things about our great staff. Even with the horrible weather we had a great turnout for Santa pictures in Elm Creek today. A huge thank you to Santa for coming out today. Also to the staff that organized and set this day up. The memories you have enabled to happen for our young future members, families, and friends are priceless. Thank you, Calvin


Year-End Sales

Congrats to Prairie Roots Co-op. 2022 has been a record year for us in both volume and sales. Thanks to the great support of our membership and the hard work of our employees. Prairie Roots Co-op ended the year with over 56.6 million dollars in sales. It is a true pleasure being part of such a great organization. Thank you Calvin



Santa Parade in Elm Creek

Thank you to this awesome staff that took the time on this frigid night to take part in the Elm Creek parade. Great people in a greater community. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Calvin


Staff Christmas Party

Prairie Roots had our staff Christmas party last night. Fun was had by all as we spent the evening playing games at the Beach Volleyball complex. Big thank you to the Red River Ex display of lights for opening up and allowing us to tour the lights on the way home. Happy Holidays Staff at Prairie Roots !!!


Santa Parade in Stonewall

Prairie Roots attended the Stonewall parade last night. Fun was had by all. A special thanks to all the staff family and friends that attended. We went out for supper after and enjoyed more of each otherís company. A very special group of people for sure. Thank you Calvin

Shout out to Cooper as he walked the entire parade. Great job by the team on decorating the Co-op vehicles. Special thanks to Bob for leading the charge!!!!


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